Resources on Tap is an industry-first initiative to provide a specialist recruitment service to the Advertising, Media, Marketing and Communications industries. As an industry employer you have real time access to Candidate Profiles based on category, level of expertise and location. We at Resources on Tap have catered for all company sizes and staff complements with specific payment options to suit your budget and need. Resources on Tap is a portal for all.

Job Seekers

  • Resources on Tap reserve the right to list only those Candidate Profiles on our website that meet with the minimum selection criteria as is accepted in standard Recruitment Practice
  • Candidates' personal Curriculum Vitae will remain confidential, and will only be made available to prospective Employers with the prior consent of the Candidate.
  • Candidates' identity for the purposes of online display will remain confidential. Resources on Tap cannot be held responsible for information provided by you that may disclose your identity to those viewing your online profile.
  • Privacy: Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more details.


  • Candidates will be screened in terms of their suitability based on criteria as contained in their personal Curriculum Vitae.
  • Resources on Tap shall not be held liable for any form of misrepresentation or omission by Candidates to the information contained in their personal Candidate Profile and/or Curriculum Vitae.
  • Privacy: Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more details.

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